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Supported by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Droughthub is a place where information is available to support and develop resilience in primary production around preparing for Drought. There is a wide range of resources regarding financial assistance, climate and other tools for your business.

The challenge of managing drought has been something generations of farmers have had to face, but we know the impacts of drought reach well beyond the farm gate.

The latest NSW Managing Drought Guide has been prepared to give NSW primary producers relevant information to help them make informed decisions on how to effectively manage the impacts of the current drought, as well as future extended dry spells. This guide reflects the unique pressures placed on NSW producers before, during and after drought and includes strategies and actions that farmers can consider as they deal with its effects on their businesses.

It also includes information on relevant resources from the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and Local Land Services (LLS), practical information on feeding livestock, farm management and sustainable practices, as well as personal and financial well being.

Managing Drought - A Guide

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Understanding drought in your area, means that you can allow time and put your plans into place.

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