Business coaching for your farm

What is it?

This is a chance to get your farm headed in the right direction and creating the future that you want. Farmers will receive an expert coach who works with them and helps with their farming business, people and anything else that pops up.Coaching ensures you are heading in the right direction and creating the future you want on your farm. You'll get an experienced business coach that help set your goals and get you organised and motivated. Make it happen!

Why apply?

Coaching is really high impact and very motivating for business owners just like you. We've run coaching in the past and the farmers loved it. They loved the time their coach gave them, the positive words, the inspiration and the ability to really understand their farm business numbers. Farmers created goals and actions to achieve with their coach and they found it very rewarding. We'd like to offer you that chance to access a business coach, at a really affordable cost.

What do you get?

  • 1 hour of one-on-one coaching via phone or video every fortnight
  • 11 months of support from your coach
  • Phone and email support from your coach
  • 4 x group coaching workshops
  • 4 x farm tours of participant's farms

How does it work?

You'll get 11 months of business coaching to help you. You'll choose what you want to achieve, it's totally your journey.

Each fortnight the coach will give you a call and give you a full hour. You can talk about anything with your coach - it's all confidential. Each business will receive fortnightly coaching sessions, 1 on 1 with an expert business coach. These catch ups will be via Zoom (or similar). You can have phone sessions if your internet is limited. 2 people can participate from a farm business, could be a manager and a staff member, 2 siblings, a couple, whatever you choose.

You'll have 4 face to face meetings with your coach. These will be full days and there will be 5 other businesses in the room with you. The day before your meeting you'll have a farm tour and see another business that is being coached, just like you. You'll need to attend all of these. These meetings will be in different towns across NSW, so we need you to be ready to travel (just the 4 times).

When does it start?

Coaching starts in August 2021 and will end in June 2022.

The coach

You will be designated a coach by the NSW DPI. There will be many different business coaches working across NSW for our program. We cannot guarantee any specific coach for your business.

Am I eligible?

This program is for farmers, farm manager and employees in NSW. The program will kick off in August 2021 and finish in June 2022.

Does everyone get a spot?

Places are limited to 150 businesses across NSW.

What's it cost?

The program will cost $1,500 including GST. This is a heavily subsidised rate - the NSW DPI and Australian Government's Future Drought Fund are paying for the majority of the cost of business coaching. We want all farmers to pay, so they really value the coaching program. We can split this cost across a few invoices if that helps you.

How do I apply?

Just fill out our online form. It's short and sweet. We want to make this easy for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just fill out our online form. It's short and sweet. We want to make this easy for you. Check out this flyer for our FAQs.

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Got a few questions?

If you're not sure, give us a call on 0419 110 714 and we can talk you through the program or email