Drought Support Program

Across the Hunter New England, Murrumbidgee and Western areas of NSW, Drought Support Teams are on hand to provide a free, mobile and confidential support service which is available on farm, in town or over the phone.

The teams are made up of people who have experience living and working on the land and who understand the difficulties drought can cause in people’s lives. The Drought Support Program is suitable for individuals, couples and families; whether they require short term conversations and information, or ongoing formal counselling options.

The Drought Support teams know that the drought has hit hard and that farmers are not the only people affected. That's why these services are open to anyone whose livelihood is associated with rural industry/primary production, whether that's farm workers, contractors or small business.

If drought is affecting your wellbeing then these teams can offer ongoing support with the ability to be there through difficult times in decision making, transitioning and connecting you to more specialist services if required.

To access the Drought Support Program contact:

  • Hunter New England - 0477 322 851
  • Murrumbidgee - 0436 811 692
  • Western NSW - 0436 815 940