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Information to help prepare for, monitor, and manage seasonal conditions and drought.

Farm Tracker App

The Farm Tracker App is a simple tool that can help farmers to record seasonal conditions on their property, such as conducting a crop, pasture or animal survey, keep a photo diary or monitor a paddock over many years. Reports can be completed quickly and easily, with data being saved in a personal database. Learn more about the Farm Tracker App or download the app for free from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play

Climate Smart Pilots

Establishing practical trials with NSW farmers to understand how digital technology-use, through data collection and decision-making tools, can help in responding and adapting to climate change.

Find out where the Climate Smart Projects are taking place.

The Climate Dogs

Understanding what influences Australia’s climate at key farm decision-making points throughout the year is crucial. The Climate Dogs animation series uses sheepdogs to explain complex atmospheric phenomena. The series has been developed in collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the Victorian Department of Primary Industries.


Is the Madden Julian Oscillation of tropical systems near the equator, which can influence Australia’s weather and climate, especially during the warmest months of the year.


Otherwise known as the Subtropical Ridge is the lead dog of the pack. RIDGY's position and intensity have a significant influence on weather in NSW. Recent changes in RIDGY's behaviour appear to be driving some significant changes to southern NSW rainfall patterns.


Represents the El Niño Southern Oscillation. Changes in ENSO's behaviour has a significant influence on rainfall probabilities in inland NSW during the winter and spring period.


Represents the Indian Ocean Dipole. Like ENSO, changes in INDY's behaviour also has a significant influence on rainfall probabilities in inland NSW during winter and spring.


Represents the Southern Annular Mode and is a complex climate dog. Recent changes in SAM's behaviour increase probabilities of rainfall in spring and summer in some parts of NSW.


The East Coast Low phenomena represents the deep low pressure systems that are an important climate feature along the southeast coast of Australia.