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Resources and Tools

Tools and resources to help primary producers manage during drought.


DPI Drought and Supplementary Feed Calculator

Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.The drought and supplementary feed calculator app is free to assist sheep and cattle producers to develop feed rations during drought and dry seasons. A desktop version is also available.

Feedlot Calculator

Profit margins for feedlotting can be low and it is important that producers accurately estimate the profitability of such ventures prior to committing resources to this labour intensive activity.

Feed Cost Calculator

Calculate and compare protein, energy and other components for different mixes of livestock feeds.

Crop Salvage Calculator

This tool was developed to help producers make decisions about salvaging crops affected by drought and/or frost conditions.

Farm Tracker App

Farm Tracker is a simple tool you can use to help monitor seasonal conditions on your property.

Feeding and Nutrition

Feed and Fodder

Requirements for fodder purchased from interstate.

Using hay or silage during drought

A factsheet on using hay or silage to feed drought affected stock

Drought-affected canola and wheat - feed quantity

A fact sheet to maximise the nutritional output from crops during drought.

Potential spread of pasture dieback in fodder

Without precautions the fodder industry could contribute to the spread of pasture dieback across southern Australia.

Drought feeding livestock

How you feed your livestock through drought is a crucial decision

To feed or not to feed: weather forecasts and feeding decisions

NSW DPI's Dr Anthony Clark discusses weather forecasts and feeding decisions

Understanding drought fodder quality

NSWDPI Senior Research Scientist at Wagga Wagga Ag Institute, John Piltz, explains how to interpret feed test results and why they are important.

Drought feeding pregnant and calving cows

Brett Littler from NSW Local Land Services discusses strategies, management tips and feeding options.

Early weaning calves

Brett Littler, Senior Land Services Office (Livestock), discusses the benefits of early weaning.

Videos and case studies

RAA customer stories

The RAA is committed to supporting NSW farmers to become more resilient and better prepared for seasonal challenges. See how our financial assistance has helped farmers improve the productivity, sustainability and viability of their farm businesses in these case studies.

Case Study: How one farming family managed through the drought & their learnings

Templates, guides, checklists and helpful links

Drought Plan Template

A written drought plan can remind you of what you need to do and when you need to do it. Looking ahead and focusing on the factors you can change or influence is an essential key to managing dry times effectively.

Business Plan Template

Enhance farm management through this business plan template. Strategically plan and manage resources for sustainable agricultural success.

Carbon Opportunity Decision Support Tool

This tool is designed to assist Australian land managers in better understanding carbon farming opportunities and to identify which might be best suited for their enterprise.

Dairy Australia Farm Fitness Checklist

Dairy farmers have the choice of using a range of Our Farm, Our Plan resources. Get started with a self-assessment using the Farm Fitness Checklist.

Beef cattle checklist during drought

Checklist for good beef cattle health and management in drought.

Biosecurity Management Plan

People entering areas where a Biosecurity Management Plan applies must comply with the measures outlined in the plan.

SafeWork NSW Farm Safety

Learn more about how to manage the risks and hazards on a farm, including working with animals, vehicles and chemicals.

Work Health and Safety Toolkit for Farmers

The Young Farmer Business Program has developed a range of videos, factsheets and customisable templates to assist you in getting started with WHS management in your business.

Rural Adversity Mental Health Program

Rural Adversity Mental Health Program have a number of resources including templates, factsheets, podcasts & videos to assist with your wellbeing.

Respectfully engaging with rural communities

A guide for groups and organisations working with rural communities.


Preparing for dry times is essential to maintaining productivity and viability of farming businesses across Australia. As part of the Saving Our Soils During Drought Program Local Land Services has produced a series of webinars for livestock producers across the state to assist landholders in the decision making and management of their livestock through dry times.

The big question: Do I keep and feed or sell in a falling market?

Feeding Sheep in Dry Times

Feeding cattle in dry times

Early Weaning in Dry Times

NSW Drought Relief Measures (2021)

An evaluation has been conducted to assess the effectiveness of the NSW Drought Relief Measures (2021)