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Preparing for Drought

When it comes to drought it is important to have a plan, act early and review the plan often.

The best time to plan for drought is in non-drought times. So where do you start?

The managing drought guide has a preparation section which takes you through putting together a drought action plan. It includes resources about how to conduct a farm audit and working out the strategies you will enact when a drought occurs.

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Tools and Support

Drought Infrastructure Fund

The Drought Infrastructure Fund (previously known as the Farm Innovation Fund) is a long term, low interest rate loan scheme for NSW farmers for permanent on-farm infrastructure.

State Seasonal Update

Up-to-date information about current seasonal conditions. Find out about drought, rainfall and temperature over the past month, outlook for the coming three months or get a detailed breakdown of conditions for your region

Combined Drought Indicator

This interactive tool provides a snapshot of current seasonal conditions for NSW, factoring in rainfall, soil moisture and modelled pasture/crop growth indices. By accounting for the effectiveness of rainfall, the CDI provides a more comprehensive indicator of drought conditions.