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Managing Drought

Helping primary producers to prepare for and manage drought.

Stages of Drought

Preparing for Drought

Resources and information to help prepare for drought.

Managing during Drought

Resources and information to help manage during drought.

Recovering from Drought

Resources and information to help recover from drought.

Local Land Services (LLS)

Local Land Services are available with ongoing advice for farmers and landholders planning for and dealing with drought.

LLS staff live in regional NSW and are available to offer hands-on support with current, localised information and advice on preparing for, managing and recovering from drought:

  • LLS Livestock Officers provide technical advice on feeding and nutrition
  • LLS District Veterinarians manage and advise on livestock health and welfare
  • LLS TSR rangers manage permits for grazing on travelling stock reserves and roads
  • LLS Drought Adoption Officers assist in delivering drought planning and preparedness across the state.

Drought is a risk that needs to be managed, just like any other business risk. The following LLS resources are aimed at helping producers plan and prepare for drought.

On-farm drought management

Managing your farm through drought is a valuable way to understand your property's constraints and opportunities to better prepare for ongoing climate challenges.

Drought decision making

Having a plan when it comes to drought preparedness is the most effective way to get through prolonged periods of dry weather and protect you, the farm and your business.

Drought feeding livestock

How you feed your livestock through drought is a crucial decision.

Confinement feeding sheep and cattle

Confinement feeding can help maintain livestock production during periods of limited feed availability and help maintain groundcover across other parts of the property

Stock water requirements in drought

How much water cattle and sheep require on a daily basis during drought can vary.

Dry times webinar series and other quick tip videos

In response to the challenging conditions many producers are experiencing across NSW, LLS have developed a series of video resources to support your farm management.


Biosecurity is the protection of the economy, environment and community from the negative impacts of pests and diseases, weeds and contaminants.

Water management

Source on-farm relevant water management information.