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Managing during Drought

The latest NSW Managing Drought Guide has been prepared to give NSW primary producers relevant information to help them make informed decisions on how to effectively manage the impacts of drought. This guide reflects the unique pressures placed on NSW producers before, during and after drought and includes strategies and actions that farmers can consider as they deal with its effects on their businesses.

It also includes information on relevant resources from the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and Local Land Services (LLS), practical information on feeding livestock, farm management and sustainable practices, as well as personal and financial well being.

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Water Management

Agricultural Water Management

Information and resources for managing agricultural water.

Water Testing

Farm water quality testing and treating for stock and domestic use

Desalination of bore water

Desalination of bore water is an option which some producers may consider feasible in order to utilise their water resources most effectively.

Driller Licenses

Find information on the water licensing and work approval processes.

NSW Drought Relief Measures (2021)

An evaluation has been conducted to assess the effectiveness of the NSW Drought Relief Measures (2021)