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Programs to support our primary producers and their families.

Farm Business Resilience Program

The program is ideal for those looking to upskill and learn about risk management, adapt to a changing climate, and improve the economic, environmental, and social resilience of their business

Young Farmer Business Program

Provides the tools, network and support to grow your farming business

Rural Recovery Support Service

The Rural Recovery Support Service provides support to Primary Producers and Rural Landholders that have been impacted by natural disasters

Farms of the Future

The Farms of the Future program is designed to advance technology-enabled production and monitoring, achieved through implementing on-farm connectivity solutions and the adoption of sensor equipment.

Drought Skilled - Tocal College

Training and resources to assist farmers prepare, manage and recover from drought

Low Emissions Agriculture

Understanding and investigating climate impacts on primary producers and industries

Saving Our Soils During Drought

The Saving Our Soils During Drought project gives producers the skills and knowledge to establish confinement feeding areas in times of drought.