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Water Management

How water is allocated

Water is allocated in priority order according to the rules in water sharing plans.

Water Allocation Process

Water is allocated by assessing the supply, assessing existing commitments, assessing for available water determination (AWD) and announcing the AWD.

Temporary water restrictions

Current temporary water restrictions for regulated river, unregulated river and groundwater water sources.

Drought, floods and extreme events

We play a critical role in managing, allocating and protecting the water resources of NSW during extreme events.

Water access licences and approvals

Find information on the water licensing and work approval processes.

Water allocation statements

Water allocation statements are issued to announce allocations for a specific water source and licence category.

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Rainwater tanks

Well maintained rainwater tanks can provide a renewable supply of soft, clear and odourless water that can be used for a range of purposes.

Stock Water Requirements in Drought

How much water cattle and sheep require on a daily basis during drought can vary.

Agricultural Water Management

Information and resources for managing agricultural water.

Farm water testing

Farm water quality testing and treating for stock and domestic use