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Podcasts and Webinars

The Farm Business Resilience Program have created a number of podcasts and webinars which aim to support continuous learning in the areas of risk management, business planning and building social and personal resilience.

Listen to podcasts or watch webinars below. You can also subscribe to podcasts on Apple Podcasts,  Spotify, or on your favourite podcast player.

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Smart Farm Business Webinar Series

The Farm Business Resilience Program have launched a webinar series “Smart Farm Business” with The Exchange, in partnership with Humans of Agriculture. During this series you will hear stories of people who had an idea and have taken this idea and made it into a successful business. But it hasn’t been all bright and shiny along the way. You will hear how they tackled the challenges and hurdles and the lessons learned and we hope you too can take some learnings or “ah ha” moments and apply them to your own business.

Watch the case studies related to the Smart Farm Business webinar series and hear about stories of every day farm business operators and their families as they share their experiences utilising available services

Mate Helping Mate Podcast

Mate helping Mate is a small business operated by John Harper and is based at Stockinbingal NSW. ‘Mate helping Mate’ is John’s simple philosophy or strategy.

“It comes back to the fact that most blokes are like me. I couldn't help myself with my mental illness, but as an Aussie I believe you do anything for a mate. I realised that my mates were struggling, and other people were too. And by getting my mates together and talking about our struggles and feelings, I discovered it picked me up, too. Active mateship was a positive in my life.”

The Mate Helping Mate Podcast has proven to be incredibly successful in attracting listeners and in promoting positive strategies in our Australian rural communities. John works with people in remote rural communities to talk about their life, struggles, wins, losses and the way forward as they deal with life and all its adversities including devastating bush fires, droughts and floods.


In the Know, On the Go Podcast

In the Know, On the Go podcasts provide an engaging and convenient way for primary producers to increase their knowledge of best practice farm management as presented by industry experts. For cases studies related to these podcasts, please click here.


Propagate Podcast - Young Farmer Business Program

Hear from people who have been where you are.

Propagate tells the stories of NSW’s best and brightest young farmers and fishers. Each episode is a candid conversation about the business of primary production.

The episodes focus on the business aspect of farming and fishing: from financing your first season, to building a brand, raising capital and managing mental health. We hear how young farmers got started, and what their plans are for the future.

These are stories of innovation, resilience and entrepreneurship.


Business of Farming Podcast - Young Farmer Business Program

Being successful in business requires a mix of skills, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn as you listen. It’s a collection of the latest information, talks and motivation for you and your business.


Business of Fishing Podcast - Young Farmer Business Program

Get the skills you need for the office, not the boat.

The Business of Fishing tells the stories of young commercial fishers, oyster farmers, and aquaculturists.

Hear their stories of getting started, learning the business skills they need, building solid business relationships and the investment they’re making to work smarter, not harder.

These are stories of the journey from startup fisher to strong business person.